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Be a part of our family and make a positive change to a childs future.

Welcome to Family Connections

Family Connections is a tuition-free parent participation program for low income families, educating over 400 individuals each year at three sites in San Mateo County. Parents participate in preschool classes with their children, from newborn to five years old, in a unique program that provides education for not only their children but also themselves. Family Connections’ parents stay involved in their children’s education and as a result, their children are more prepared for Kindergarten and beyond.

Alumnus Speaks

“Family Connections has made a difference in helping us realize how important it is to develop the habit of reading at an early age. As a result, my oldest boy now 8 years old is attending one of the best elementary schools in the Redwood City School District.”

Miguel Alvarado, father of 3 boys and Family Connections’ alumnus