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Be a part of Family Connections

Donate Items

We welcome your donation of items for use in our classrooms and for use by our families.  Your in-kind donations help defray classroom expenses and help us provide a better preschool program. 

Our item donation policy is as follows:

  • Please check the classroom wish list and the family wish list to see if the item you wish to donate is listed.  Our families often ask staff members for specific items, and those are listed below.
  • Contact our Donation Coordinator, Kathy Schrenk, at (650) 533-9507 to arrange drop off of the items.
  • Please do not drop off donations at the classrooms or at a staff member’s home without contacting Kathy first.
  • If you have an item that you don’t see on the list, email Kathy Schrenk with a photo of the item that you have.
  • If we think a family might like an item that you wish to donate (e.g. strollers, toys, books), we will post a photo of the item at our sites with your contact information.  If a family member wants the item, they will contact you directly.

Family Connections is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization. Federal Tax I.D. number: 94-3315163.  All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.

Classroom Wish List Items

For your convenience, we have set up a Wish List at Included are many classroom supplies, art supplies and books.  Items that you purchase on that site will be sent directly to us.

We have also provided links to school supply and other websites that sell the items that we are looking for.  You can purchase these items to have shipped to you, and then arrange for delivery to Family Connections later.

Items from Discount School Supply:

Packs of Construction Paper, any color, (8WW9CPRE)
Fun Foam Shapes in a Bucket (820 BUCKET)
Finger Paint Paper Roll-100 Feet (820FPROLL)
Colorations Washable Finger Paint, any color(820CWF)
Colorations Liquid Water Color Paint, any color, 8 oz (8WWLW)
Large Crayons only (8WWC8P)
Tipped Lacing Yarn-100 Pieces (820YARNTIP)
Colorations Premium Tissue Paper, any color (8WWPREGTIS)
Multicultural Toddler Dolls (8WWTODALL)
Dancing Scarves (8WWDNCSCR)
Ribbons with handles for dancing (8WWRNBW)

General Items:

Books of Sam Trans Adult Bus Passes, so that families can get to school (available at Safeway gift certificates for classroom materials
Brio Trains (we have plenty of track)
Bird Seed (like Niger Thistle) for water table use

Family Wish List Items

East Palo Alto:

  • A family is in need of an umbrella type stroller in very good condition. They have two very active small boys

Belle Haven:

  • A family is in a need of a nearly new twin mattress and twin bed to accommodate their growing family

Redwood City:

  • No requests at this time.

Community Wish List

You may also view our list of wish list items at

“I love attending Family Connections’ family night. I try to get as much information as possible to take home to help myself and even network with my family and friends if they need support too.”

Julie Brown, mother of 8 children